Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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Improving your websites position in search engines such as google should be a constant effort

To achieve SEO success you need a website that is fully optimised, you need good content that is structured and fit for purpose, and a website that can render correctly in different browsers and devices.

Search engines want to give their uses the best quality results when they make a search request. So the first step is to create interesting content, the second step is to communicate that content to search engines in the most efficient manner (how you structure html is important), and finally deliver the content in a fast and effecient manner.

Having a great website is of little value to your business if people never find it. Search Engine Optimisation is a continual process to improve how search engines find, reference and rank a website. A good SEO strategy has many aspects; some are technical while others just take time and effort. A plan to implement a good SEO strategy will vary between companies depending on how many search terms you want to rank well in, how much competition there is for the search terms and how developed your website is already. To find out more about a full SEO plan for your company contact us today.

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Boost Your Websites Ranking?

A big part of SEO is having a website that runs well, has perfect code, works in different environments and communicates your content effectly to search engines

The SEO Booster we offer includes a thorough rewriting of your websites code, editing the content to align with SEO goals, optimise the website load speed and conversion to a mobile website if necessary

Prices start at €280

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