Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives conversion.


We offer bespoke products and services to help you take your business to the next level through an engaging online presence with targeted content and results-based best practices.

Our in-house design and development team works together to deliver front and back-end solutions to best present your narrative through alluring visuals, easy navigation, and quality content. We want the world to know how amazing you are, and we're here to make that happen.

Talent with versatility

Our tight-knit team of experts merges international perspectives with game-changing innovation to deliver tailor-made solutions geared to make your business memorable. Our proven track record of satisfied clients 
is a testament to our personalized approach to each and every project we take on. 


Richard Hickson

Founder & CEO

Richard is a programmer with a background in sales and marketing. He graduated from Trinity College, Dublin in 2006 having studied Management Science and Information Systems.

He has lived in Portugal since 2016 and is a joint founder of GAA Portugal.

Luana Bercovici

Head of Design

Coming from two different cultures, French and Brazilian, Luana studied visual communication in Paris, majoring in Brand Identity. Passionate about the ocean and driven by the sea, she loves traveling, discovering new cultures and tring to take a bit from everywhere to create and communicate to the world in her own way.

Luana has lived and worked as a designer in France, Brazil, Australia, Chicago and Portugal.  

Ellis Dixon

Content & Marketing

After a 12-year career as a designer and merchandizer in New York's fashion industry, Ellis moved to Portugal and founded AtlasLisboa.com to help give the expat community a voice and help them better access to the city we chose to call home.

Since then, she has used Atlas as a launchpad to branch into marketing and content creation from the perspective of a Lisbon expert, web builder, branding strategist, and storyteller. 

A few words from our clients

Aoife Healy

Pathway Consulting

“After struggling to overhaul the Pathway Consulting website on my own, I finally took my own advice and went to the professionals at Apricot. Richard quickly set me straight on the way people read websites, how they need to be constructed to encourage people to go trough them, the type of content that was essential and the content required to make them interesting.”