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It is important to keep your website up to date and relevant. Your website is your chance to speak directly to your potential clients, give them your pitch and convince they why your company is better placed to cater for their needs.

When it comes to website content it sometimes it takes many iterations before you have perfected the formula. The goal is always the same, to convert visitors in to customers. You may need to change key words, phrases, images or whole pages before you discover what reflects your company in the best manner. You should have access to tweak and develop your website without needing to employ a technical expert each time.

Once you have captured some visitors you want to keep them coming back. Your website will need to be edited and freshened up, adding articles and changing images.


Our Simple Web Content Management System, Total Peach, can be applied to any website and give full control over text, images, layout, add pages etc.

The editing area for each website looks almost identical to the public version of your website. As you edit you can see how the results will look.

  • To change text hover your mouse over the desired text and editing options appear - click edit, make the changes and save.
  • To change an image - drag the new image from the gallery and drop over the old time - the image will be automatically resize and reformatted by the editing suite.
  • Add new sections to a page - you can drag and drop new column structures on to you webpage and populate with images, text etc.

The system gives you easy access to manage and improve key SEO factors.


Editing your website has never been easier. No technical knowledge required.


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Don't just take our word for it. Try TOTAL PEACH's Website Editing Platform out for yourself.

Our system is flexible enough to work with any web needs.

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