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Convert your website to Mobile

Since April 21st, 2015 Google rankings in mobile search have changed.

This change has meant that preference will be given in google to websites that are mobile friendly. Mobile friendly means the website renders correctly on the small device screen without users having to zoom in to read the content. For example try view this website,, in your phone; alternatively reduce the screen size of your browser until it is as narrow as possible. You'll notice that the website readjusts to the different screen sizes. This is mobile friendly.

We are now passed the mobile tipping point. There are more web searches from mobile devices than pcs/laptops. If you haven't already converted to a mobile website you need to start now before you lose too much ground to your competitors. Your website will start to decline in search engine rankings because you aren't delivering the best user experience and users will leave your website rather than have to work to read your content or buy your products. 

There is hope though. You probably don't need an entirely new website. Most websites can be converted to mobile with relative easy. This will mean that the developments and investments you have made over the last few years will not be lost. At Apricot we offer mobile conversions from €320 and your updated website can be ready within 7 days.


Need a Mobile Friendly Website?

Most websites can be converted to mobile friendly. The work can take up to 7 days and can be combined with a SEO package to further boost your Search Engine Rankings, and ensure you are correctly targeting your key search terms.

Prices start at €320

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